Furnaces require regular maintenance and repair as well as replacement to make sure that you can cut costs on your heating bill and heat your home efficiently. You may find certain areas of your home growing colder during the winter months in Chicago. You might also find your heating bill climbing up as your furnace begins to get older. Replacement of parts, and even replacement of an entire furnace if a furnace is many years old can allow you to save a respectable amount of money each and every year. Chicago energy savings potential: if you have older furnaces you may be shocked to know: -An older furnace usually runs around 60% of its annual fuel utilization efficiency. – Older furnaces waste around $.40 for every dollar that you spend on your Chicago heating bill – Newer furnaces run with a 90% AFUE and even a furnace with an 80% AFUE can help you reduce your heating costs by 25% or more. This means that if your annual heating cost is around $2500, you could be saving up to $625 each and every year by switching to a new furnace that has an 80% AFUE rating. New furnaces can work to save you lots of money by giving you a much more efficient piece of machinery to heat your home but it is also very important to complete maintenance and repairs on your furnace as soon as possible. By leaving your furnace in a state of disrepair, or avoiding maintenance it doesn’t take long for major components to start breaking down and doing damage to your entire heating and cooling system. Damage to components and inefficiencies within any furnace can start to cost you a lot of money very quickly and this is why regular maintenance and repairs from a certified Chicago HVAC specialist is absolutely needed. If you have any questions about furnace service and repair or installation consult H&L HVAC in Melrose Park . Their team of qualified experts have years of experience installing furnaces and performing regular maintenance and repairs. They can answer any of the questions that you have as well as recommend a number of cutting-edge products that can help you to save money every year and enjoy a nice warm house during the Chicago winters.