Chicago and Melrose Park Air Conditioners Staying cool and comfortable in Chicago requires the right equipment, installation and maintenance. Our Melrose Park Illinois air conditioner and installation service is available to you to deliver the names and brands that you trust and expert installation that will keep you cool through some of the toughest hot spells that Chicago has to offer. Our service technicians are available to meet your schedules and have years of experience in selling commercial air conditioners as well as residential air conditioners. The great part about a lot of the products that we have in our catalog is that they also work as dehumidifiers. If you find the area that you live and work in somewhat uncomfortable or damp, getting a trusted air conditioner from our company will work to reduce the amount of moisture that you have in your home or office so that you can enjoy a better degree of comfort. We can handle both repair and replacement but it is important to note that inefficiencies from an air conditioner can lead to a massive amount of energy loss which can end up costing you money over time. We can provide ongoing maintenance to make sure that your air conditioning unit is efficient and working properly. If you have had several repairs done on your air conditioning unit you may also want to consider ordering an entirely new installation. If the air-conditioning unit breaks down a lot there’s a very good chance that it will continue to break down. Some components can damage elements of your heating and cooling system when they fail so it’s very important that you get repairs done right away as well as replacing air-conditioning unit that has had multiple repairs and issues with it as not to damage the rest of your system. Our Chicago air conditioning service and repair company can help to explain a SEER rating as well as recommend products that have an excellent SEER value. This rating indicates the seasonal energy efficiency ratio which tells you exactly how much electricity that your unit requires to cool your home. Air-conditioning units made before 1992 needed to have a rating of around 6.0 whereas today the standard SEER rating for high-efficiency air-conditioning units is about 13 making them more than twice as efficient as older style air-conditioning units. With this type of efficiency you can essentially cut your air-conditioning energy budget in half by replacing an old air conditioning unit that you might have. For more information on Chicago air conditioner installation and service do not hesitate to contact our Orland Park Illinois offices.