Homes in Chicago are getting much more efficient and well sealed. Because so many people are using new construction materials to seal their homes and prevent inefficiency and heat loss, quite a lot of the contaminants that are inside of your home remained trapped inside your home. This means that you can continuously breathe the same polluted air over and over again especially if you keep the inside of your home locked up without airing it out from time to time. Because it isn’t always convenient to have a window open in your Chicago Illinois House because of things like heat loss, noise and pollution it’s a very good idea to look into a product like an indoor air cleaner. Many people feel as though indoor air cleaners can only provide a small difference in the air quality inside their home they would rather trust in their furnace filters to trap polluting particles that are in the air. Your typical furnace filter will only be able to capture 5 to 15% of the polluted elements that can be found in the area of your home. Because only a small portion of these pollutants can be captured by your furnace filter is a good chance that people with asthma, allergy sufferers and health concerns will have real difficulty consistently breathing the air that’s full of pollutants inside their home. This is why in an indoor air cleaner in Chicago is so useful there are two main types of air cleaners that can work to remove 95% of the smoke, pollen, dirt, airborne dust and contaminants that are in the air inside your home. Electronic air cleaners: An electronic air cleaner will actually draw any pollutants out of the air to benefit your entire environment. Electronic air cleaners will work to remove any unwanted pollutants and bacteria from the air so that it doesn’t accumulate on your furniture, in your kitchen, on your walls or across your entire home environment. This means that all of your furniture, walls and belongings will be able to last longer and you will have to dust far less often in your home. Not only can you have a much cleaner home with an electronic air cleaner from a company like Trane, but it’s also possible to enjoy cleaner air all day long. Media Air Ceaners: Media air cleaners are mounted directly onto your furnace. These special air filters work up to 40 times more efficiently than the traditional air filters that you might find on a furnace and work to drop pollen and other contaminants out of the air as it is run through your heating and cooling system. If you want to learn more about air cleaners please call H&L HVAC at our Melrose Park Illinois location.